Know Your CBD: Usage Tips for Beginners

You’ve done your research on CBD and products that contain this compound, and the product of your choice is on its way. You can’t wait to give CBD a try, especially since there are so many benefits you can get from using this compound as a treatment. It’s an exciting time!

I know, because I was once that excited; I still am every time I go through new CBD products and find new ways to benefit from CBD. Using CBD is fairly easy, but there are still a few things you need to know before you get started. Here are the best tips for beginners to help you get started.

Everyone Is Different

Determining the best way to consume CBD – and how much you need to consume – is the tricky part when you are just getting started with using CBD. While there are plenty of guides to follow, everyone is different. The way your body reacts to CBD products also depend on the products you use.

Unfortunately, CBD concentration in today’s products differ. Your body’s health level and the symptoms you experience (and trying to treat) are also unique. You need to take into account some variables when choosing the right dosage to begin with.

Your weight, your diet, your body’s metabolism level, and external factors such as the environment all play a role in your use of CBD products. This is also the reason why standardized prescription of CBD is not yet possible.

Still, there are ways to simplify your first use of CBD. That brings us to the next tip, which is….

Start with a Small Dose

Starting with the smallest dose possible is the best way to go. Depending on the CBD products you use, you can start with as little as 5mg of CBD consumed orally. CBD oil contains the highest concentration of cannabidiol, which is why one or two drops are often enough.

For supplements, the minimum recommended dose is around 15mg. Many supplements contain 20-25mg of CBD per tablet. That means 25mg is the smallest dose you can start with, and that too is okay. After a few tries, you can begin increasing your dose or consumption frequency gradually.

More Isn’t Better

CBD doesn’t have any major side effect, making them very safe to consume. There is also no upper limit in CBD consumption, meaning you can consume the dosage you need without having to worry about negative side effects.

However, consuming more than what the body needs doesn’t bring additional benefits either. The extra CBD you consume will simply be processed by the body and excreted. Rather than spending more money on more CBD products just because you consume more, finding the right dosage is still the way to go.

More importantly, finding that sweet spot isn’t as difficult as you think. The effects of CBD can be observed and experienced in real-time, giving you the ability to gradually increase your dose and know exactly when to stop the slow increase.

The General Rules

To further help you get started, there are also some general rules you can follow. For chronic pain, for instance, up to 20mg of CBD consumed daily is the recommended dose to try. You can start with a smaller dose per consumption and build up from there.

If you are dealing with sleep disorder or anxiety issues, you need to increase your starting point to 40mg. It is safe to build up your dose until you reach 120mg but keep an eye out for that sweet spot within the range. You’ll find improving your sleep pattern with the help of CBD incredibly easy.

The same can be said for more serious issues such as epilepsy and schizophrenia. The recommended starting dose is 40mg, although you can go as high as 300mg daily for epilepsy, and up to 1,200mg for schizophrenia.

Regular consumption for improving the body’s metabolism and overall health is also recommended. Ideally, you want to consume 25mg of CBD twice a day. You can choose to increase the dosage if you want to amplify the benefits. You also have the option to combine CBD with other treatments or supplements.

Getting Started

One last thing to note about trying CBD for the first time is that your body will react to the compound differently. You may feel a bit nauseated after your first use, but that’s about the only side effect to anticipate. It is an easy side effect to deal with too; make yourself a cup of ginger tea and you are all set. CBD is designed to be easy and safe to use, which makes getting started with your CBD treatment easy. Now that you have these tips in mind, you can start using the CBD product of your choice right away; you will experience the benefits of CBD soon after that first try.

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