Diet Before Doing Ayahuasca

You have therefore decided to start your ayahuasca journey. Congratulations! You must first complete the pre-ayahuasca diet, though, before you can begin drinking that psychedelic beverage. You may want to click here for further reading.

Let’s talk about foods to AVOID first before anything else. There should be no eating anything with pork, salt, or spice. We apologize to bacon lovers. Unfortunately, we are unable to serve you that crispy slice of heaven. Ayahuasca’s brew can become out of balance if salt is added; therefore, avoid doing so. In addition, who wants to experience stomach pain while on a spiritual journey?

However, everything is alright. In addition to meals that are healthy for the body and mind, the pre-ayahuasca diet also contains these items. Consider eating more whole grains, fruits, and veggies. The body can be cleansed and purified by eating meals rich in vitamins and minerals. To prepare for the wedding, you will do your body a favor.

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