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Storage Tricks That Make Life Easier

Behind a neat house, there is usually a proper storage area. Do you want to know the tricks of storage that don’t take up space and are easy to make? However, the problem comes when there are more and more items in the house. Of course, this cannot be solved by adding more space to store things because space in the house is limited. You can use mini storage box to store your belongings safely.

Besides, there are some simple tricks that you can use to “add” space to the house. Here are some storage tricks that can make life easier.

1. Tricks for more clothes storage
Women like to collect clothes at home. The most annoying thing that can happen is when the cupboard is full and can’t be filled anymore. Of course, it will be very troublesome if you have to buy a bigger wardrobe.

Therefore, you can try this one trick. You just need to prepare a plastic chain and some hangers. By attaching a plastic chain to one of the hangers, you can attach the other hanger to the hole of the plastic chain.

2. Where to Store Keys
Keys are one of the things that are often lost at home. With its small size, sometimes it is very difficult to detect this one object, especially when you are in a hurry. In order not to forget again, you can try attaching one of the Lego parts to the wall.

After that, attach the smaller lego parts to the keys that you often forget. Voila. You have created a key holder that besides being useful also looks unique. If you get in the habit of keeping your keys there, it’s guaranteed that you won’t forget to save them again.

3. Simple Plastic Bag Storage
Although a minor thing, a plastic bag is a must-have item in every home. Its function is as a tool to carry lots of items to make this one object needed by many people.

However, sometimes too many plastic bags can make a room tidy if not stored properly. You can use used tissue cartons to store rolled plastic bags. Roll up the plastic bags neatly and put them in one by one.

4. Add Mug Collection
Install a long iron that can be used to attach something.
Then, buy an S-shaped hook that you can find on the internet. Hook the mug with an S-shaped hook on the iron that has been installed. Apart from being a storage area, you can also arrange mugs by color to give a unique decoration to the room.

5. Make Book Views Look Aesthetic But Save Space
Bookshelves are a storage medium that can be used. However, its size which is quite space-consuming can be a drawback. For that, you can try buying invisible bookshelves that you can find on the internet. Besides making the room feel more spacious, the illusion of a floating book also makes the room look more attractive.